Multi-Tiering with enhanced VMware integration

EqualLogic’s PS6000XVS/6010XVS iSCSI SANs with SSDs and 15K SAS drives help balance cost and performance

EqualLogic PS6000XVS/6010XVS arrays feature intuitive data availability for tiered application workloads, such as virtual desktop or applications delivered as a service. Using a combination of low-latency SSD and performance oriented SAS drives, the PS6000XVS/6010XVS automatically places data on the appropriate disk technology using historical I/O and performance patterns.

And, with the upcoming release of EqualLogic Firmware v5.0, take advantage of updated ease-of-use features and enhanced integration with VMware vStorage, across the entire PS Series family.


High-capacity with good cost per GB

Great for:

  • High sequential performance and capacity for streaming media and critical business applications
  • Strong performing virtualization environments
  • DAS or SAN consolidation
  • Strong performing data backups and data protection

Hugely Scalable High Density

Great for:

  • Very large-scale SATA SANs
  • High performance and very high capacity storage
  • Tiered storage applications and consolidation
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Capacity-intensive primary applications
  • Scale-out capacity and performance

Cost-effective SAN Tier with SAS

Great for:

  • Microsoft® Exchange, SQL, and virtual server workloads
  • Storage consolidation
  • Tiered storage, as a performance-oriented tier
  • Tiered storage applications and consolidation
  • Scale-out capacity and high performance

Increased capacity and performance

Great for:

  • Very large-scale SAS SANs
  • Higher performance and capacity using 48 10K SAS
  • Tiered storage applications and consolidation
  • Consolidated disaster recovery sites
  • Capacity-intensive applications requiring speed and performance
  • Scale-out capacity and performance

For demanding enterprise

Great for:

  • Mission-critical high I/O database applications: Oracle® & SQL OLTP, etc.
  • High virtualization performance
  • Heavy Microsoft® Exchange deployments
  • Consolidation of top-tier application data
  • Scale-out capacity and performance

Hybrid array configuration SSD/SAS

Great for:

  • Combines Solid State Disk (SSD) drives and 15K RPM SAS drives within one array
  • Intelligent tiering of data within the array across disk based on previous I/O patterns
  • Single array tiered storage solution for low-latency combined with performance
  • Increased throughput performance from 10GbE technology

Low-latency High I/O storage

Great for:

  • Latency-sensitive applications
  • Providing as little as to 1/3 the latency of 15K rpm array
  • Intense workloads with moderate capacity
  • SQL or Oracle tempdb databases
  • Consolidated virtual desktop environments like VMware® View with linked clones
  • Scale-out SSD performance